We’re industry agnostic, working with clients with $50 Million in revenue or less that span a broad range of industries. From aerospace, energy, healthcare, information technology to manufacturing, metals and mining.

Business Valuation & Process Improvement projects include:

Reservoir Capital Group, a private equity sponsor

  • Investment allocation systems design and implementation
  • Portfolio performance optimization, measurement and reporting
  • Project management

Global Equity Partners Inc., an acquisitions, management, and consulting firm

  • Investment sourcing and evaluation
  • Financial/Operational due diligence

Washington Global Management Inc., a financial services firm

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Portfolio performance measurement and reporting

Business Valuation & Strategic Planning and Execution projects include:

Sun Acquisitions LLC, a lower middle market focused mergers & acquisitions intermediary

  • Investment valuation
  • Market research
  • Due diligence support

Business Valuation, Process Improvement & Strategic Planning and Execution projects include:

Oakhill Equity LLC, a private equity sponsor

  • Investment sourcing
  • Project management
  • Financial/Operational due diligence